things to do and see in and around monflanquin france

Monbazilliac Vineyard and Chateau


Chateaux and vineyards are plentiful in France and near your holiday rental 

Monflanquin Village Tour

Janouille Monflanquin Tour My Little French House

Visit the Monflanquin with Janouille la Fripouille, he will introduce you to the wonderful story of Janouill, the son of Henry 1V, life as it was in the region in the middle ages and the bastide village history…One of the tourist spots he will show you is directly behind Little French House holiday rental    


  Image courtesy Events in Lot - et - Garonne

Laneways and Valleys

Monflanquin Cap del Perch My Little French House

Make an effort to meander through the network of beautiful lane ways in Monflanquin France known as Carrerots and take advantage of the views at “Cap del Perch” to admire the beautiful valley of the Lede. All a mere minute walk from your My Little French House Vacation rental

Monflanquin Markets

Markets Monflanquin France My Little French House

The lively markets are held every Thursday in the Monflanquin town square – Place Des Arcades. 
 A short stroll  (1 minute walk!) from your French holiday rental, My Little French House.

Night Markets are held in summer and antique markets every last Sunday of the Month, during the morning.  Markets are held every day of the week in nearby villages, amazing opportunity to visit the surrounding villages in France whilst they are bustling on their daily markets.

Annual Medieval Festival


Monflanquin Famous Medieval Festival is held in August each year, not far from your holiday rental. Fun filled excitement and reenactment of times in the middle ages. To visit Monflanquin Tourist Office about the Festival Click Here

Restaurants & Bars

Prince Noir Restaurant Monflanquin My Little French House

There are 10 restaurants and two bars in Monflanquin village to choose from, all offering many delicious delicacies.   During Winter the restaurants interchange their days so there are always restaurants open. All a short walk from My Little French House vacation rental. Image Courtesy Prince Noir Restaurant Monflanquin

Fancy a Dip..


Lougratte lake nearby is open for swimming and other aquatic activities from the 15th of June until the 31st of August. Short drive from My Little French House Holiday Rental  More information

Horse riding


Horse riding right past My Little French House holiday rental!

Kayak, Canoe or Boat?

Dordogne River My Little French House

Kayak or Canoe down the Dordogne River near Beynac et Cazenac gliding past the many beautiful Chateaux or if you are after something a little more relaxing, jump on one of the tour boats. My Little French house vacation rental, near to so many amazing things to do!

The list goes on


There are so many sports and leisure activities to take advantage of during your vacation rental stay. Golf, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Tree climbing adventure park, Farm visits, local Monflanquin museum all near to My Little French House Holiday Rental 

Hot Air Ballooning


The Dordogne-Périgord site

My Little French House vacation rental also thinks you will love the landscapes that you will fly over are among the most remarkable in France. classified sites, castles and some of the most beautiful villages of France follow one another all along the river Dordogne.  More Information

Monflanquin Pool


Public swimming pool 10 min walk from My Little French House Holiday Rental or 2 min drive. Located at Parc de Sports, Monflanquin France. Small entry fee required